The Best Waterproof Winter Hiking Jackets for Men

Enjoying the great outdoors in winter means having a decent hiking jacket. Whether hiking through a frosty forest, windswept hillside, or braving it in the rain, as long as you have a waterproof hiking jacket, you’re good to go!

Autumn and winter can be some of the most beautiful seasons to explore the great outdoors. Here’s a guide to the best winter hiking jackets for men so you can enjoy these colder seasons at their fullest.

A Note on Mid-Layers and Outer-Layers

When hiking, it is usually preferable to wear layers so you don’t get too hot or too cold. Start with a base layer (like a jumper over other clothing). Then you have a mid-layer for warmth, usually a fleece or down-filled jacket. The outer layer should be windproof and waterproof.

A three-layer system gives you the option to add or remove items, or wear a combination of layers to get the ideal comfort level for the environment.

This post shows winter jackets for men that are both warm and waterproof, removing the need for a mid-layer, unless you are in the Arctic!

How is Waterproofness Measured in Hiking Jackets?

Waterproof ratings for hiking jackets are shown in mm, such as 5000mm, 10,000mm, 20,000mm etc. This refers to the amount of water that the material is able to withstand over the course of a day, before it begins to soak through.

Anything above 5000mm is considered to be very waterproof, enough to get through rainy day hikes with several hours of constant moisture.

So, let’s take a closer looks at some of the best men’s waterproof hiking jackets, so you can spend time outside in comfort this winter.

Waterproof Winter Hiking Jackets for Men

R RUNVEL Men’s Waterproof

The R Runvel waterproof hiking jacket is windproof and waterproof to a whopping 20,000mm, so you will stay cosy and dry when hiking. With over 3000 top ratings on Amazon, the reviews speak for themselves!

Take on the cloud-covered mountain with confidence, stride out on a grey day, this winter hiking jacket is a top performer.

The outer material is durable and tear-resistant, so you can put it through its paces, hop over styles, through overgrown paths, without it being ripped.

The inner layer is a soft, thick fleece material with cotton padding, helping keep heat in.

An adjustable hood and drawstring hem helps you keep out those draughty gusts of wind, and it also has plenty of zipped pockets to stash your phone, compass, mini-first aid kit, snack, or anything else you like to take with your when you go hiking.

One strange design feature of this winter hiking jacket is that the pocket on the chest is a mock pocket. Not really sure what the point of adding it is, perhaps for fashion! However you might be able to put an emergency pen in there, or hang something lightweight from the zip pull!

Overall, this is a snug, waterproof winter hiking jacket for men that is great for protecting you from the elements. It’s also good value for money. Check the latest price.

Tacvasen Men’s Winter Hiking Jacket

The Tacvasen winter hiking jacket for men is a warm, windproof and waterproof garment that will keep you warm in cold weather. Another top performer with over 3000 Amazon reviews, this jacket is great for any outdoor pursuit.

Waterproof rating is 20,000mm, so if you decide to go walking for hours in the rain, you are sure to stay nice and dry!

The inner layer is a cosy fleece material, and the adjustable cuffs keep out the draught.

There’s plenty of pockets to store your phone, wallet, keys etc. comprising of two inner pockets, two side zipped pockets, and small chest pocket.

It also has a detachable hood. There is one possible negative though, and that is some users report that the hood is a little on the small side. This could be a problem when hiking in the rain, unless you have some other type of waterproof hat.

This jacket has 6 colour options, so you can choose to blend in with your surroundings if you want to get close to wildlife, or stand out and be seen.

Overall, this is a budget friendly winter hiking jacket that delivers plenty. Check the latest price.

Mountain Warehouse Bracken Extreme Mens 3 in 1 Waterproof Jacket

3 in 1 jackets consist of a detachable fleece inner, with a waterproof outer layer, giving you three options as to how to wear it. This means it is great for changeable weather conditions.

This Mountain Warehouse Bracken Extreme is a super warm and waterproof hiking jacket that will keep you warm and dry for hours, even in heavy rain.

The taped seams and storm flap stops wind and rain from getting in at the seams or zips, while the IsoDry fabric has a breathable membrane to allow perspiration out.

Thermally tested to be comfortable at temperatures as low as -20°C, and a 10,000mg waterproof rating, this hiking jacket is well up to the job.

The hood, hem and cuffs are adjustable to keep you snug, and there are plenty of pockets to keep your things. It’s even headphone compatible!

With six colour options, you can find what suits you. Blend in or be bold!

Fully guaranteed for 3 years, you won’t get much better for scampering about the countryside that this jacket by Mountain Warehouse!

Check for latest price.

Mountain Warehouse Galactic Extreme Jacket

This waterproof Galactic Extreme jacket by Mountain Warehouse is both stylish and functional, and is designed to excel in cold weather.

Made of 10,000mm breathable fabric with taped seams, this jacket even has a detachable snow-skirt and built in location reflectors in case of avalanche – perfect you enjoy winter sports.

Lab tested to -40C, you won’t feel cold when going outdoors this winter! There are also inner cuffs that stop draughts from going up your sleeves.

This coat features plenty of pockets for your essentials, and is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Ideal for all winter activities, such as hiking, fishing, skiing and more, this waterproof coat by Mountain Warehouse will keep you warm and dry no matter what the weather.

Check the latest price.

If you like hiking, then you know that your experience often relies on how good your gear is, especially in cold or weather. Whether is hiking boots for wide feet, lightweight tents, or wood-burning camping stoves, having the right kit with you will make any hiking trip an epic adventure.

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