The Best Walking Boots for Wide Feet – Men and Women

Finding the best walking boots for wide feet can be tricky. If you enjoy walking and hiking, you don’t want to be held back by ill-fitting footwear. Those of us with wide feet need plenty of room for toes to spread out, and maybe a bit of room in the ankle too.

Investing in a good pair of walking boots can make all the difference to your comfort when out on a trail, yet getting the right walking boots for wide feet comes with many questions.

‘Do they just feel tight now because I need to break them in? Or will they always be too tight?’

‘I can’t find the perfect hiking boot, will these be ok if I loosen the laces?’

If you have wide feet, you can find the right walking boots for you!

Good pair of walking boots is a great investment, as they will last a long time and make hiking a joy. You are making an investment, so don’t settle for any walking boot that doesn’t fit properly! You are just asking for blisters.

walking boots for wide feet

What to look for when buying walking boots for wide feet

  • Correct fit – it is normal at first for walking boots to feel little tight. As they are new, the materials haven’t yet had a chance to soften with wear. However, if your toes feel squashed in any way, opt for a bigger size.

  • Make sure your feet do not hang over the sole. While the uppers may adjust to your feet, the sole won’t widen. It should be a surface that the balls of your feet can stand on without spreading over the edge.

  • Fit for the Job – what type of walking will you be doing in your boots? Do you mainly enjoy easy walks of just an hour or two on well managed paths? Or are you an intrepid explorer who like nothing more than leaping over rocks and scrambling up rugged terrain? There are different walking boots for each type of terrain.

  • Foot and Ankle Support – even on the best paths there can be loose rock or slippery gravel or shale. A good hiking boot will support the ankle, while the sole will be flexible for comfort and have good grip.

  • Waterproof – if you need to walk whatever the weather, you don’t want to have your outing spoiled by leaking boots. Go for hiking boots that are waterproof, such as those with Gore-Tex. Over time, you may need to spray your hiking boots with a waterproof layer to help keep your feet dry.

Here’s a guide to the best walking boots for wide feet. Let’s start with the men.

Best Men’s Walking Boots for Wide Feet

Hi Tech Banderra II Wide Fit Hiking Boot

If you are looking for a budget option, HiTech are a brand that has been around for years and always provides great value for money.

The best wide fit hiking boots for men by this brand is the Banderra II Wide Fit Hiking Boot.

These boots are great for weekend walkers, yet if you enjoy hiking or walk miles every day or like to test yourself on rocky terrains, you probably should choose something more robust.


  • This hiking boot will comfortably accommodate feet as wide as an EE fitting.

  • Water resistant, with dry-tech membrane.

  • Lightweight

  • Compression moulded EVA midsole for cushioning and comfort.

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Meindle Veneto GTX Wide Fit Hiking Boots

A steeper price, but worth every penny, the Meindl Veneto GTX wide fitting hiking boot is for the enthusiast and professional alike.

A brand that is well-respected in the hiking world, with these boots, you will save money on buying cheaper pairs as they wear out. These are boots that are made to last!


  • Wide fitting

  • Lightweight

  • Comfortable

  • Waterproof

  • Look great

What more do you want in a wide fit walking boot?

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KEEN Targhee II Wide Hiking Boots

This is a lower cut style of hiking boot that fits more like a comfortable pair of trainers, but offers all the support wider feet need when out on the trail.

Again, these are on the expensive side, but if you are looking for a quality hiking boot that will keep wider feet comfortable, then that’s worth its weight in gold!


  • Waterproof, gum rubber sole

  • Contoured heel lock

  • Excellent grip in all terrains.

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Best Women’s Walking Boots for Wide Feet

Timberland Women’s White Ledge

These walking boots have some great reviews, especially for those with wide feet. These are sturdy boots that are great for walking holidays, weekend walkers as well as those who like to climb rocky terrain.

No matter where you walk, these boot can be relied upon to keep your feet dry and supported.


  • Waterproof, gum rubber sole

  • Stylish

  • Great ankle support

  • Durable

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Regatta Women’s Holcombe Low Rise Hiking Boots

Regatta is a brand known for its quality outdoor gear, and these walking boots are no exception. The reviews of this walking boot say it is great if you have a slightly wider foot, although it is recommended you go up a size bigger.

If waterproof-ness is also a key feature you want, these walking boots also give a two pronged defence against puddles, dew and rain.


  • Membrane blocks any moisture from entering the shoe.

  • Water-Resistant Technology wicks water away from the surface of the shoe.

  • EVA sole for comfort

  • Lightweight

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Northwest Territory Women’s Peak Hiking Boots

Another awesome pair of walking boots for wide feet, the reviews speak for themselves.

These stylish boots are fully waterproof and will allow you to hike from dawn til dusk!

If you are looking for wide fit walking boots that are also durable, waterproof and comfortable, these are a great option.


  • Gum rubber sole

  • Sturdy tread, giving excellent grip

  • Breathable membrane

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When you have some good walking boots for wide feet to choose from, how do you know if you’re making the right decision? My advice is to read all the reviews thoroughly before buying, to make sure that the boots fit your feet and also perform well for other aspects.

When you have wide feet, finding walking boots that fit well is a good dream come true. Make the most of your new feet and get out there and explore!

Know of any other brands of walking boot that are good for wide feet? Please share in the comments!

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