Welcome to Let’s Grow Wild, a natural lifestyle blog and more.

I’m Georgina Starmer, a writer, agricultural journalist and author who’s on a mission to help people life a happy, natural lifestyle to deepen health and well-being.

Here’s the links to my books: Smallholding: A Beginner’s Guide to Raising Livestock and Growing Garden Produce and Foraging for Health – Hedgerow Plants and Fruits.

As a mother of two, I’m concerned about the effects of the products we use in our homes, the healthiness of the food we eat, and the general lack of connection to the natural world that created us in the first place.

But enough about me!

On Let’s Grow Wild, you will find knowledge and tips on everything from growing your own food and eating well, to raising livestock, enjoying the great outdoors and much more.

If you want to find practical ways to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals we’re exposed to every day, to benefit from nature, encourage kids to get lots of fresh air and exercise, and to eat well and be as healthy as you can be, then we share the same goals.

Maybe you are just looking for ways to gradually change to a greener lifestyle, want quick solutions to connect with nature during a hectic work schedule, or want to save money by making homemade, natural cleaning products… if so, I’m right there with ya!

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