Top survival gifts for survivalists, preppers, and walks on the wild side!

Some folks are always hard to buy for, but if you are looking for gifts for someone who loves the great outdoors, then there are always options. Here are some of the top survival gifts for survivalists, preppers, bush craft and outdoor enthusiasts, and for those who are hard to buy for…

Paracord Bracelet

Paracord bracelets consist of a length of strong nylon rope, woven to form a bracelet that can be worn or stowed in a bag.

Once unravelled, it can give you around 20 feet of strong cord. Ideal for anyone, these para-cord bracelets are survival gifts that are good for walkers, campers and explorers.

When buying para-cord, make sure it is the real deal. Used in the military as suspension ropes on parachutes, proper paracord has a tensile strength of 550lb, known as 550 cord, and that is what you want if you want it to last.

Do not buy imitations that have a low maximum load if you want to rely on it, and never use it to bear your weight in a risky situation. Get a proper safety rope instead!

Uses for Paracord: There are as many uses for para-cord as there are… Shelter building, to secure equipment to something. Use it to set a trip wire around your camp to warn you of predators.

Paracord can be used to make a bow string for hunting or fire-lighting, while the inner strands can be used as a fishing line. Stuck on a dessert island? Fashion a fishing net out of the strands and catch your dinner!

It can be a tourniquet to stop bleeding, or secure a splint for a broken leg. Use it to mend broken straps, shoe laces, in fact para-cord bracelets have so many uses, it is impossible to list them all. Oh, and they look really cool too! Check the latest price.

Mini Survival Tin by Polymath

This is a pocket-sized survival tin is choc-full of useful items you might need while adventuring in the great outdoors.

For its size, you won’t find much better, and the reviews speak for themselves. This is a great survival gift for people who like outdoor activities, walking, camping, bushcraft, fishing and hunting.

survival gift idea

What’s in the tin?

survival gift idea
  • 1m Paracord, 550lb
  • Emergency Light Source
  • Whistle / Ferrocerium Rod and Striker
  • Liquid-filled Compass
  • Mini Sewing Kit
  • Ranger Band
  • Water Carrier
  • 4x Water Purification Tablet
  • Alcohol Swab
  • Compressed Towel
  • 20cm Fabric Surgical Tape

Small Parts Tin containing:

  • 2x Swivel, Size 10
  • 8m Fishing Line, 6lb
  • 3x Fishing Hook, Size 10
  • Split Shot Weights, 2x #4 2x BB
  • 2x Safety Pin
  • Brass Eye
  • Worm and Maggot Lures
  • Glow Stick
  • Instruction sheet for the survival uses of the kit: Fire Lighting, Water Purification, Shelter Building, Navigation and Signalling, Emergency First Aid and Food Capture.


The size is 79mm x 54mm x 25mm, and weighs 79 grams, so it is easy to put in in a jacket pocket, keep it in a backpack on a hike, or in a handbag while on the go. It even comes with a ranger band so you can attach it to a belt or strap.

Polymath are well known for making quality items, and the mini survival tin is made in the UK from lacquered steel, so it is extremely durable and long-lasting. Use this brilliant tin as back-up on any excursion! Check the latest price.

Blavor Solar Charger

This portable power-bank will recharge a phone battery and other gadgets using solar power, so no matter where you are you can keep your phone charged.

This is a best-seller in solar mobile phone chargers, and with three ports you can charge more than one gadget at a time. It even has QR wireless charging, which is handy if your phone cable breaks.

There is also the option to charge the Blavor power-bank using an electricity outlet, so you can make sure it is fully charged before you set off for an adventure. The solar panels will keep it topped up, so you don’t need to worry about it running out of juice!

The 10000mAh battery capacity means a smartphone can be charged several times.

This lightweight solar powered charge is easy to throw in a backpack, and great when travelling, on camping trips, and festivals. Or, keep it the car, campervan, a cabin in the woods, or canal boat, as an emergency power supply. Check the latest price.

SAS Survival Guide

survival gift idea

It’s a jungle out there!

Written by John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman, who served for 26 years with the Special Air Service and was their Chief Survival Instructor, this best-selling book is the foremost authority on SAS training techniques for civilians.

It teaches you essential survival tips and skills you need in an emergency situation, and how to survive in any climate. Learn how to navigate, make camp and find food, defend yourself in the streets, how to survive in unstable environments and more.

This Collins Gem book is small enough to carry with you on any expedition, and is a great gift idea for any adventurer. More of an armchair reader? Go for the larger version with bigger print!

AGM® Magnesium Fire Starter Flint Striker

Soggy matches? Lighter stopped working? Need to start a fire? Now you can, thanks to this clever version of the rod and flint fire striker. It also comes with a whistle to attract attention if required

Survival gift idea

In an emergency, a warm campfire can make the difference in staying alive. It offers warmth, boosts morale, allows you to dry off your kit, and cooks your food.

This magnesium fire striker allows you to make a fire quickly, in any weather conditions, provided you have some dry material to start it.

The kit contains a 70mm flint (magnesium) and an iron scraper. To use, you scrape some of the magnesium off of the flint onto some dry material, such as bark or paper. The hold the flint about 2cm away and strike fast to produce sparks. When the sparks land on the magnesium scrapings, it will ignite and soon your dry material will be alight. Pile more dry material on top, and your camp fire should be established.

There’s something really satisfying starting a fire from scratch, and this magnesium fire starter is great for any outdoor enthusiast. Keep it with your kit to use in an emergency, take it camping, or just practise making campfires in your garden, making fires has never been so much fun! Check the latest price.

So there are our recommendations for survival gifts ideas. These survival gifts are sure to put a smile on the face of someone who spends time in the great outdoors, or you could, ahem.. just buy something for yourself!

Are you a prepper or survivalist? What kit do you take with you when you walk on the wild side? Please share in the comments!

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