Organic Mattress – Good for You and the Planet!

Using an organic mattress is a game changer for both our own health and also the environment, and is not always something people consider. But why is it important? Sustainable living is the one thing that we can all do to help take care of our planet. Climate change is a massive issue that humankind has to face, and we should all do what we can to reduce our impact on the environment.

Also, the covid pandemic has bought into sharp focus how fragile our supply chains can be, as well as making us more conscious of our health. Most of us know that how we sleep, and what we sleep on, can have an impact on our bodies. However, we probably rarely consider what impact items like mattresses can have on the planet.

Is Plastic used in Mattresses?

Plastic isn’t something we usually associate with a mattress, is it? After all, our memory foam mattresses are soft and spongey. But, here’s the thing… plastics can be tailored with chemicals to make them into whatever textures we want them to be, from hard plastics to produce containers to soft and spongey to make the soles of our trainers, or more pertinently, our mattresses.

The human race’s overuse of plastics is a global problem. Our seas groan with the stuff and our landfill sites are overflowing with it. But plastic isn’t just bad for our environment, it’s bad for us too.

Why an Organic Mattress is better for our Bodies

We probably all intuitively know that wearing a natural fibre is better for our body. Anyone who has worn a synthetic material on a hot day will know they had wished they had worn cotton or linen. The same is true for how we sleep.

A mattress that is made from natural materials, specifically cotton and especially wool, has an innate ability to ‘wick away’ moisture. The science of this is due to the molecular makeup of wool.

If you think about it, sheep are found all over the world, in both hot and cold climates. This is because wool is an insulator for both reflecting heat and retaining it. When the weather is hot, wool protects sheep from overheating and moisture is easily absorbed into the atmosphere, when it’s cold the heat is retained.

Harvesting the wool from the sheep means that these properties are replicated when used as a material utilised by humans. Regular plastic mattresses do not have any of this ability and can also be triggers for allergy and asthma sufferers.

How Certified Organic Producers are better for Farmers

If you are serious about buying organic mattress, you may be familiar with the GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard). GOTS certified producers don’t just certify the end product, they look holistically at the whole supply chain to make sure that the product is, indeed, organic.

This delivers, especially in developing nations, an equitable and sustainable eco-system for the environment but also the farmer. GOTS, for instance, advocate the concept of inter-cropping for the farmer, so instead of creating a monoculture of cotton, they are encouraged to also plant cereal crops. This provides an additional income stream (and food).

Where to buy an Organic Mattress?

Snoozel Green is an organic mattress company that believes in delivering both a great night’s sleep but also a fair deal for their producers and the planet.

By using natural techniques they have created an organic, memory foam mattress that won’t cost you the earth or harm it either. In fact, for every mattress sold, Snoozel Green plant 10 trees!

With a Snoozel Green organic mattress you get:

  • Natural latex
  • Certified organic cotton
  • Certified organic wool
  • No nasty chemicals
  • Free delivery and returns
  • 101 night trial
  • 5 year guarantee

Not only is it easy on the pocket, but it could bring you the best quality sleep you’ve been looking for. For an organic mattress UK, see more by Snoozel Green.

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