Bamboo Kitchen Utensils – A Healthier, Environmentally Friendly Kitchen

Bamboo kitchen utensils are increasingly being used by those who want an eco-friendly kitchen, but what is it about bamboo that makes it a sustainable material to use in the home? Here are some reasons why you should choose bamboo kitchen utensils next time you need to buy something new.

bamboo kitchen utensils

Bamboo Kitchen Utensils are Hygienic

Bamboo is dense and hard, making it difficult for bacteria to penetrate its surface. This is especially good for surfaces, such as cutting boards. Wooden or plastic boards can become damaged and scratched by knives, creating grooves and pockets where bacteria can lurk, even after cleaning.

The smoothness of bamboo means it never becomes porous, so it is easy to clean. A simple was with warm, soapy water, followed by a rinse, it enough to keep bamboo kitchen utensils clean.

Durability of Bamboo

Lightweight and strong, bamboo is a quality material for a range of kitchen utensils. It is heat resistant and water resistant, and also doesn’t easily stain. This means that if you are buying bamboo kitchen utensils, they will look good and last a long time.

Bamboo is also good to use on non-stick pots and pans.

Better for the Environment

Did you know that a plantation of bamboo puts more oxygen into the air than a tree plantation? According to EveryDay Health website, a whopping 35% more. This makes bamboo a great plant for helping to restore the beneficial gasses Earth’s ozone.


Bamboo is biodegradable. After using your bamboo kitchen utensils for many years, you can dispose of them without any damage being caused to the planet.

Bamboo is Sustainable

Being one of the fastest plants to grow, bamboo is a material that can be harvested quickly compared to trees. Because it is a grassy plant, it simply regrows from the base when cut. That means that there is less labour involved as no new plants are needed.

Even better, because bamboo is such a tough and hardy plant, it doesn’t need fertilisers or pesticides to grow. This means that no harmful chemicals are leached into the soils and environment.

When managed properly, a bamboo plantation is a greener way to source wood for a range of material, including bamboo kitchen utensils.

What Kitchen Utensils are made from Bamboo?

Plates and Bowls – bamboo plates are a great choice if you don’t want kids eating off plastic. Lightweight and easy to clean, bamboo plates are great for a range of snacks and meals. You can also get disposable plates that are great for parties.

Spatulas and Spoons – from cooking spoons to cutlery for eating, there is a choice of bamboo options for using in the home, or eating and cooking outside.

Cutlery Trays – bamboo cutlery trays make an attractive addition to any kitchen.

bamboo cutlery tray
Stunning Bamboo Cutlery Tray for Kitchen Drawers

Chopping Boards – bamboo chopping boards are hygienic and durable, and able to withstand cutting action well. Great for a range of foods.

Vegetable and Rice Steamers – traditionally used in Eastern Asia woven bamboo steamers are finding their way into Western kitchens.

Concerns about Bamboo Kitchen Utensils

Like with any product, if you want to buy bamboo kitchen products then you should make sure the supplier is reputable. You don’t want bamboo kitchen utensils that use glue or layers that could chip off over time. Look for products finished with a food grade oil instead.

While growing bamboo is better for the environment than sourcing wood from hardwood trees, the new trend for bamboo products is increasing the amount of plantations. While bamboo is a healthy crop to grow, some farmer who want to make more money from bamboo have been clearing mixed forest in order to increase bamboo plantations. This is why it is really important to only buy bamboo products from sustainable sources.

Swapping to Bamboo

One of the best places to begin making your home healthier and environmentally friendly is the kitchen. Bamboo kitchen utensils will last a long time, and swapping plastics for bamboo is a great way to lower the toxin load in your kitchen. You might also like to read about natural, homemade cleaning products!

When you need to replace or buy something new for your kitchen, consider bamboo as your go-to material for an eco-friendly, healthier alternative to plastic.

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