Top Garden Games to Get Kids Outside

Garden games have always been popular, but children do not spend as much time outside as previous generations. Playing in the garden is something that children should do more of, but in our technology driven era, more time is spent using iPads and tablets than ever before. This means that this generation of children are less active, and this is not good for health.

Here are some top garden games to get kids outside, and off their backsides. Adults too!

1. French Boules

This classic lawn game is good for all the family. To play The small ball, called the ‘jack’ is thrown first. Each player chooses a colour and takes turn to roll their boule. The idea is to get as close to the jack as possible. You may knock away other player’s boules to get yours closer!

The fun thing about French Boules is that the game is quick to play, so you can have a few tries and everyone gets a chance of doing well. It can be played anywhere, and brings a little fun and healthy competition between players.

2. Tin Can Alley

This bright tin can collection can help improve aim and coordination.

To play Tin Can Alley, stack up the cans at one end of the garden and choose a throwing point. See how many cans you can knock down with the bean bags. Make it easier or harder depending on how close you are to the cans.

Take it up a notch by placing the cans in a row. Use Nerf guns to shoot them down!

3. Garden Dominoes

This classic table game has been made bigger for the garden.

This colourful garden domino game help keep the brain active as well as the body! Play the classic game of matching the numbers, make it simple for little ones by matching colours. Or, line them all up and push them down!

4. Sports Day

All the fun and games of a traditional school sports day in your own back garden.

See if you can win the egg and spoon race, try not to fall over in the sack race, and pit your wits against your family in the three-legged race.

There are also bean bags that can be used in accuracy games like the bean bag toss, or use them at distances to be collected in a race. Loads of fun to be had, and don’t forget to offer treats as prizes!

5. Bowling / Skittles

Stack ‘em up and take aim!

Just like a classic game of bowling, you count how many pins fall with each bowl.

Who will miss completely and have to fetch their bowl from the bushes? Who will get a strike?

This fun skittles game is great for all ages.

6. Nature Hunt

Kids love exploring. In the back garden or out on a walk, this Go Find It nature treasure hunt will keep the body active and the mind busy.

This game helps children foster an awareness of their surroundings and an appreciation for nature.

Hunting for things during different seasons and in different places mean that no two games are ever the same.

You could also get the Let’s Grow Wild nature printables, ready for you to print off at home.

7. Laser Tag

Something completely different to traditional garden games, but hilarious fun.

These laser guns mean you and the family can chase each other, hide, duck and aim to eliminate each other from the game. You don’t need to wear vests with this. The laser guns ‘shoot’, and they also receive hits. The target is your opponents’ laser gun! Once a gun is hit, it takes off one ‘life’. Each player has three lives to begin.

Kids will love this high energy game!

8. Swingball

Who doesn’t love this classic garden tennis game?

Swingball is fun, and great for taking out frustrations by whacking the ball in either direction. The idea is to get to the top or the bottom of the spiral before your opponent.

Don’t have another player? No problem. Practice your forehand and backhand tennis shots. Have more than two players? Hold tournaments and see who gets to the exciting final!

Playing out in the garden is more fun when there’s plenty to do, and these garden games will keep kids and adults entertained. Whether you are looking for something fun to do when you are stuck at home, or want some fun entertainment for garden parties, let the garden games begin!

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