Essential Chainsaw Safety Gear for Homesteading and Forestry

There’s no doubt that working with chainsaws can be dangerous, especially if you don’t have the right safety gear. Chainsaws are a great tool to use around the homestead, or in the woods, but there is a lot that can go wrong, even for experienced users. Kickbacks, drops, blades coming loose, flying woodchips… without chainsaw safety equipment, injury can occur. Here’s some essential chainsaw safety gear for any chainsaw user.

Chainsaw Gloves

When working with spinning blades, wearing protective gloves will help prevent injuries to the hands.

Chainsaw safety gloves usually have extra padding over the back of each glove to help prevent cuts. Some offer extra padding on the left hand, as this is usually the one closest to the blade. Most are made from tough leather that is firm enough to offer some protection, yet flexible enough to work in.

If faced with a chainsaw blade, it is unlikely that any pair of safety gloves will stop a nasty gash or even a loss of a finger. However, they will protect the hands from flying debris and help deflect a nasty injury from the blade.

Chainsaw safety gloves come in a variety of sizes. It is important to get a good fit so that you can handle the saw with ease.

Gloves are essential chainsaw safety gear, so always wear them! Your skin will thank you for it, especially if you are working outside in the elements.

Oregon and Stihl are brands that offer quality chainsaw gloves, designed for regular chainsaw use.

Helmet / Hard Hat

If you are working in the woods with a chainsaw, a helmet will protect your head from falling branches. It could also save your life if felling a tree goes wrong. Sometimes, trees just don’t fall where you intended, or they may get caught up in other nearby branches and need to be brought down safely.

Some safety helmets, such as the Oregon chainsaw safety helmet, come with built in ear defenders and a visor to keep your face shielded from flying debris.

Wearing a helmet will give you peace of mind and keep you safe when taking part in forestry activities, so it is one of the most essential pieces of chainsaw safety gear you need.

Eye Protection

If you are just cutting up a few logs in your backyard for firewood, them perhaps wearing a full safety helmet and visor is a tad excessive, as you are not in danger of falling trees or branches. However, having eye protection is essential.

Chainsaws send out a lot of saw dust and chips can fly up off of the wood you are cutting. A pair of safety glasses will ensure your eyes are safe.

Chainsaw Safety Trousers

Using a chainsaw can be fatiguing on the arms, increasing the chances of it slipping. If you don’t fancy a gash in the shin or thigh, wearing chainsaw safety trousers is a good plan.

These Oregon safety trousers have 5 layers of protective material, helping to prevent injury from either the chainsaw or flying debris.

Chainsaw Safety Boots

When working with a chainsaw, a good pair of steel toecap boots will protect your feet from injury. Be it from the chainsaw itself, dropped logs or falling branches, a good pair of boots will keep your feet safe and comfortable.

Another thing to look for in safety boots is good grip, as slipping when using a chainsaw can be very dangerous.

These Oregon Yukon chainsaw boots are made for professional woodsmen and occasional chainsaw users, offering superior protection for the feet.

Ear Defenders

You might not be bothered by the noise of a chainsaw if you only use it for a short amount of time, however for forestry professionals and regular chainsaw users, ear defenders are a must. Petrol chainsaws are especially noisy and can cause damage to the ears over time.

Awesafe ear defenders cut out loud noise while still allowing you to hear quieter sounds, such as voices. This can be essential when working in a team.

When looking after your health, it is always best to be cautious. Ear defenders may prevent permanent damage due to noisy working conditions. A simple pair of ear defenders is easily affordable, and they are comfortable to wear.

Using a chainsaw can be intimidating, especially for beginners. That is another reason why wearing chainsaw safety gear is essential, as it can give users more confidence in using the tool. When your confidence grows, you naturally handle the chainsaw better and improve your skills, further improving safety.

Whether you are are looking for the best chainsaw for beginners, or are an experienced user, wearing some safety gear is essential. Don’t operate a chainsaw without it!

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