Top 10 Most Stylish Hedgehog Houses for the Garden

Looking after garden hedgehogs is important. Hedgehog numbers are in decline, and have been for years. The efforts we make to feed hedgehogs the right food, creating a hedgehog friendly garden, as well as providing a safe and cosy place to hibernate means that we can help more hedgehogs survive.

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Where to put a Hedgehog House

The best place to put a hedgehog house is in a quiet area of the garden that you don’t go near with garden tools like mowers or strimmers. If possible, keeping a wild patch in you garden is beneficial and will not only attract hedgehogs but lots of natural food and other wildlife.

Place your hedgehog house out of the wind, and face the entrance to the south if possible. This will protect hedgehogs from the colder north winds.

Keep hedgehog houses well away from areas where dogs are allowed. Lighter hedgehog houses may need weighing down to stop cats or predators from tipping them up.

What Bedding to put in Hedgehog House

It is likely that a hedgehog will find its own nesting materials, such as dried leaves and moss. But, a little help may make your hedgehog house more appealing.

A few handfuls of straw provides good insulation, and a hedgehog will use it as a base and add some materials of its own. Hay and shredded paper works too, but is not as insulating as straw.

A hedgehog house doesn’t have to be an elaborate design to do a good job, but if you are having one in your garden, then you might want something pleasing to look at.

There are many types of hedgehog houses for the garden, here are the 10 most stylish we could find!

1. Garden Bird Hedgehog House

Looking like a little thatched cottage, this hedgehog house by Garden Bird will look sweet in a cottage style garden.

A robust design, this hedgehog house will last for many winter seasons.

The wooden front will keep predators out, allowing hibernating hedgehogs to sleep peacefully over winter.

2. Wildlife World Hogilow

If your garden hedgehogs prefer a contemporary style of home, perhaps something in keeping with suburban-chic surroundings, then the Wildlife World Hogilow provides a safe shelter and modern curves. Featured by Autumn Watch, this is a stylish home for the discerning hedgehog.

It is environmentally friendly too. The base if made from FSC timber and recycled plastic, and the lid and sided from recycled agricultural waste.

The lid pivots open to reveal the hibernation area, allowing it to be cleaned out every summer, ready for the next guests!

3. Berk Large Wooden Hedgehog House

Looking more like a glamping pod than a hedgehog house, this will look the part in any garden. Not only that, but the Berk hedgehog house is well-designed and built to last.

There are two doorways, one entrance and exit for hedgehogs, and at the other end is another door where you can put food, then lock it to stop it getting eaten by other creatures.

This hedgehog house is weatherproof and cosy, with a wooden floor. All wooden parts are treated with natural oils to protect it from the elements.

With one of these, your garden will become the glamping destination that all the hedgehogs will talk about!

4. Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House

This weatherproof hedgehog house provides a safe place for hedgehogs to hibernate, as well as a stylish one. The cube design would suit any hedgehog with a preference for modern design!

As well as looking good in any part of the garden, the Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House boasts solid wood construction, recycled slate covered entrance and resin bonded floor. It is painted with an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial coating to both protect the wood and help to keep things clean for the hedgehogs.

The roof is of solid composite and hinged so you can peek inside. Handmade in the UK.

5. Tom Chambers Rustic Hedgehog House

This humble abode is for the no-nonsense hedgehog. While it may not have the added features of other hedgehog houses on this page, it does offer a cosy place to hide and hibernate.

The Tom Chambers Rustic Hedgehog House is a sturdy design and will look lovely nestled into any sheltered part of your garden.

Roomy enough to place a bowl of food, well-constructed, and with great style, this hedgehog house will meet the needs of any hedgehog and quickly become a favourite place to snooze year after year.

6. Brushwood Hogitat Hedgehog House

For hedgehogs who prefer to stay incognito, this charming Brushwood Hogitat Hedgehog House is perfect. Tucked into a sheltered corner, this house is extremely well camouflaged and blends in with any wild patch of the garden.

Natural brushwood is carefully tucked into a wire frame and moss is weaved in between to fill any gaps and create a cosy home for a hedgehog or two.

This shelter makes a great feeding station. To encourage hibernation, a little extra insulation is required, such as adding a dry wooden floor and placing some logs on top.

But for quiet style inspired by nature, this makes our hedgehog home list!

7. The Hutch Company Hedgehog House

This fabulous hedgehog house is everything a hedgehog family needs to settle down in a friendly back garden.

Timber construction an felt roof means this house if built to last and is waterproof. It protects hedgehogs from both cold winters and the heat of the summer sun.

The timber is treated with an anti-bacterial coating to help prevent illnesses, and the roof also lifts off for easy cleaning each year.

With the sleeping area out of view of predators, the Hutch Company Hedgehog House is a residence that will attract residents through the years.

8. Selections Hedgehog House

Is that a log at the end of the garden? No, it is a stylish hedgehog house!

This sturdy Selections Wooden Hedgehog House is made using untreated timber, so you can be sure that there are no chemicals that may harm hedgehogs.

The log design lends a rustic charm to any garden, while the added moss bring a little more camouflage.

Not only do you get a great home garden hedgehogs, but it also comes with a bird nesting box and rustic feeder, all in a similar design. If you want to bring more wildlife to your garden, this bundle shows value!

9. Solid Oak Hedgehog House

If you are looking for a hedgehog house that is ideal for winter hibernation, this solid oak home has everything a hedgehog needs.

Strongly built with FSC oak, this hedgehog house has a double skinned roof to provide insulation during cold weather as well as protection from hot sun.

This Solid Oak Hedgehog House has a raised timber floor to keep inhabitants nice and dry, and there is a hinged door for easy cleaning.

This robust home is made with seasoned oak that does not require treatments to be long-lasting, and will look great in any garden.

10. Navaris Wooden Hedgehog House

This stylish hedgehog house features a cute prickly friend on the front, to let your hedgehogs know this is the place to be!

The entrance keeps large predators away from the nesting chamber, and the removable lid makes it easy to clean.

The Navaris Wooden Hedgehog House has a slanted felt roof to stop rain from getting in, and the wooden floor provides a cosy place to nest.

A great feature in any garden, you will have hedgehogs come to check out this house in no time!

Which hedgehog house is your favourite? Please comment below!

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