Choosing the Right Tiller for your Garden

Garden tillers, or rotavators, make light work of cultivating soil and are a great solution to preparing the garden for growing fruit and vegetables, taking the work and time out of digging. Choosing the right tiller for your garden ensures you get workable soil every growing season. Here is our guide to the best tiller for the garden.

What is a Garden Tiller used for?

Tillers come as mini, small or large machines that help work the soil to get it ready for planting or landscaping.

Small and mini tillers are lightweight and best for weeding between rows and using on garden borders.

Heavier and more powerful tillers can work on tougher jobs, such as turning an un-worked patch of ground into a vegetable bed.

The more times you push or pull the tiller over the soil, the finer the soil particles become.

Can a Garden Tiller Cut Through Roots?

Most garden tillers are designed to handle smaller roots. The rotating blades of a tiller can slice through softer, more delicate roots, making it easier to turn over the soil and create a suitable planting environment. However, it’s important to exercise caution and avoid hitting larger or more established roots, as this could damage the tiller or even cause injury.

When it comes to thick or large roots, a garden tiller may struggle to cut through them effectively. Many tillers are not designed to handle heavy-duty root cutting. Attempting to till through thick roots can strain the machine’s motor or damage the blades. It’s important to note that if you encounter larger or more stubborn roots, it may be necessary to manually remove them before using a tiller to work the soil further.

Choosing the best Tiller – what to consider:

1. Is it the appropriate tiller for the job? For example, a small tiller is best for cultivating and weeding soil that has already been worked, and larger tillers are more suitable for heavy, unworked areas.

2. What is your soil type? Mini tillers work best in small gardens with good, loose soil. If you have a medium sized garden with moderate soil, rocks or clay, using a more powerful tiller will bring good results.

3. Is it durable and comfortable to use? If you are spending money on a tiller, you want it to be something that’s quality made and easy to use.

4. Electric, Battery or petrol? Electric tillers are fine if you just want to use it in the garden. If you want to use a tiller elsewhere, such as an allotment, you are unlikely to have an electricity supply. A petrol rotavator or tiller is one you can transport and use ‘in the field’. Or, if you don’t fancy the hassle of a petrol tiller, there are some good battery powered ones. These are best uses for smaller jobs, unless you can purchase another battery to increase the running time.

5. Budget. Tillers range in price, so do your research and get one that offer value for your garden and your wallet. Cheaper brands might do well if you just have a small area, but might not last for regular heavy duty work. Before purchasing, read reviews to make sure you are getting a quality machine that will last.

Tillers are an asset to any gardener, and choosing the right one will take the work out of cultivating your soil for years to come.

Top Tillers for the Garden

The Handy Electric Garden Tiller

Powered by an 800W motor, this Handy electric tiller will make light work of tough garden digging! Ideal to break up compacted soil to a depth of 8 inches, it also works an area of 12 inches in width when in use. This means that you can quickly cover a decent area of ground.

The cable length is a generous 10 metres, and you can use with an extension lead for further reach.

Also, at 9.5 kg, this garden tiller is robust enough for most jobs, but lightweight enough to use easily by most people.

This electric tiller has some superb reviews, so it is a great model to check out if you are looking for a tough tiller to power through those hard digging areas.

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2. eSkde Cordless Tiller

If you don’t like the idea of using a two handed tiller, the eSkde portable cordless tiller does a great job without you having to wrestle with a larger machine.

It uses a high power 18v lithium battery, with a running time of 20-30 minutes before needing to be recharged. While this may not sound like a lot, it is ideal for average sized veggie plots or garden beds. You can also purchase a second battery, so one can be charging while the other is in use.

This cordless tiller cultivates the top 8cm of soil, at a width of 20cm, using sharp, multi-legged blades. It works on any soil type and is surprisingly powerful, breaking up compacted soil into plant-ready beds.

The adjustable soft-grip handle makes it comfortable to use and easy to carry. Weighing just 4.8kg, this garden tiller is ideal for older people, or for those who need something easily to pop in the boot of a car to use at an allotment.

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VonHaus Electric 1050W Tiller

The VonHaus electric tiller is a lightweight, yet powerful tiller that will break up heavy soil, old grass lawn or compacted areas, so you can get ready for planting! This established brand is known for quality, so you can be sure of a durable tiller for the garden.

The powerful 1050W electric tiller has a cutting width of 32cm and a tilling depth of 22cm. This allows you to cover large area quickly. It uses 4 durable steel tines to make light work of cultivating soil.

The electric cable is 10m long, and this can be easily extended if required, using an extension lead.

Weighing 10.4 kg, this tiller is easy to handle.

With a shed full of great reviews, the Vonhaus electric tiller is a serious contender for those looking to buy a tiller for the garden. Check the latest price.

5. Einhell Cordless Tiller

The Einhell cordless tiller is a battery powered tool that will help to loosen up soil in preparation for planting.

It has 4 high-quality cultivator blades that till a width of 30cm and a working depth of up to 20cm. This means you can cover a large surface area with little effort.

This tiller uses a 18V rechargeable batteries from the Power X-Change series, meaning if you have other tools by this brand you can swap batteries between them.

Batteries and chargers are sold separately, and that is a possible negative if considering this tiller, however you can’t get much better than Einhell batteries for quality and long-life.

This powerful tiller is easy to operate. It has an ergonomic handle, and with no cable getting in the way, you can relax as you use it. At 8.2kg, it is lighter than similar models. It also has transport wheels for easy navigation.

With plenty of great reviews, this tiller is a good option for any garden. Check the latest price.

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