Welcome to Let’s Grow Wild, a smallholding, lifestyle blog and more. If you like to forage, farm, gather and cook, this is the place for you!

I’m Georgina, a writer and author. I’ve always dreamed of living ‘wild style’ in the woods, growing my own food, foraging and keeping livestock to supply food throughout the year. I like nothing more than exploring and getting back to nature, finding the forgotten uses and knowledge of plants, and survival skills that were second nature to our ancestors of old.

This blog aims is to share knowledge and to encourage folks to think about their wild side, to think about where their food comes from, and explore the natural world that created us in the first place. Now, I write about it through this blog and my published books.

Let’s Grow Wild is jam packed full of knowledge and tips on everything from growing your own food, eating well and cooking yummy recipes, to raising livestock, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Build a den in the woods with the family, make a camp fire, cook some bacon and beans. Farm, Forage, Gather and Cook! Put your mucky boots on, Let’s Grow Wild!