Calling All Women! Mooncups: Why are we still using Pads and Tampons?

Getting a period is not a woman’s favourite time of the month, and sanitary protection is used to keep you feeling fresh and collect menstrual blood so it doesn’t stain your clothing. For this, most women use tampons or sanitary towels. However, there is an alternative to using tampons and towels, and that is a Mooncup.

You might have seen adverts for Mooncups on the doors of public toilets and wondered what they are. Or, you might like the idea of using one, but feel that it is going to be inconvenient or messy. Mooncups have the ability to transform the way we think about sanitary protection, here’s why you should give it a try.

What is a Mooncup?

Mooncup is a brand that makes menstrual cups, a replacement to using pads and tampons. Mooncup is made of soft silicone and fits inside the vagina to collect menstrual fluid, rather than absorbing it like tampons.


Benefits of using a Mooncup

Where do we start? There are so many benefits of using a Mooncup rather than pads and tampons.

Comfort – first of all, using a Mooncup means greater comfort. Made from soft silicone, once inserted, you don’t know it is there. Tampons absorb everything, including the natural lubrication from your lady parts. Tampons can sometimes feel uncomfortable to insert, especially when coming to the end of a period as there is less lubrication, leading to discomfort and dryness. It can also affect your pH balance, making you more prone to infections such as thrush. Sanitary towels can feel bulky, and can cause uncomfortable chafing.

Chemicals – another problem that we don’t often think of when using tampons are the chemicals they contain, due to the manufacturing processes. When you wear tampons, some of that will transfer into your body, and that is not good for health.

Time – when you use tampons, you need to change them every eight hours. This is to reduce the chances of Toxic Shock Syndrome, a rare condition that can be fatal. Toxic shock syndrome is caused by a build-up of unhealthy bacteria. Just goes to show that women’s bodies are not designed for tampons! When you use a Mooncup, you can leave it inserted for longer, provided it is not full, without worrying about your health. Mooncups can hold three times the amount of menstrual fluid than a tampon!

Confidence – Towels are bulky, and you might even feel self-conscious and avoid wearing some types of clothing. Both towels and tampons can give an odour as the menstrual fluid is exposed to the air, and let’s not even talk about tampon strings! Mooncups collect the menstrual fluid inside the vagina, meaning you do not get period odour. Socialise in confidence, ladies.

Mooncups come in two different sizes, one size for women who have given birth and a slightly smaller size for those who have not. This mean less chance of leaking, so you can go about your day without worrying.

Why Mooncups are better for the Environment

Tampons and sanitary towels are a significant part of landfill, and using a Mooncup means that you are no longer contributing to it.

Mooncups are made to last, and you are unlikely to need to buy, and dispose of, tampons or towels again!

Do Mooncups work?

When you are used to using tampons, you might feel wary of how effective a Mooncup will be. For example, you might worry about leakages or spillages as you remove it to empty. And what about needing to use a public toilet?

These are all worthy questions. Most people find they get used to inserting and removing a Mooncup during one period, and never look back after that! There is a fantastic FAQ on the Mooncup website that will put your mind at ease. There are tips for easy insertion and removal, and advice of how to rinse and clean before using again.

Some people report that they have less leaks than when they used tampons, and that Mooncups are secure during any activity, such as sports.

Better for your Pocket

How much money do you spend per year on tampons and towels? Most women will spend somewhere between 24-50 pounds. The price of a Mooncup is about £20, meaning that it pays for itself in less than a year. You will save money by using a Mooncup!

Mooncup is one of the oldest brands of menstrual cups and you can buy them from their website. If you are looking to try another brand, there are lots of menstrual cups available from Amazon.

The bottom line…

Using a Mooncup helps the environment, it is healthier for your body that tampons and towels, and it saves you money. What is not to love about using a Mooncup?

I think every woman should give Mooncups a try. Once you get used to it, Mooncups are just as convenient as tampons, and bring many benefits.

Do you use menstrual cups? What prompted you to give it a try and do they work for you? Please share in the comments, women! The more information we can share with each other about doing good things for our bodies and the environment, the better we are for it.

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One thought on “Calling All Women! Mooncups: Why are we still using Pads and Tampons?

  1. Lucy

    Menstrual cups are one of the best changes I have made so far. I actually find them the best thing I’ve ever used for periods. More and more youngsters are starting off with sustainable products now, we get a lot more teenagers coming into the shop asking about them which is so great to see!


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